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What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is one equipped with network-connected products (connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) for controlling, automating, and optimizing functions such as:

• temperature
• lighting
• security
• safety
• entertainment

either remotely by a phone, tablet, computer, or a separate system within the home itself. Options include controls for appliances and landscape care. The affordability and ease of use of the newest Smart Home devices appeal to users in homes at all price points.

Check out the video to see these devices in action.  

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Smart Home Staging

What is the Smart Home Staging Kit? The Smart Home Staging Kit features 6 products that can be installed as part of preparing a home for market, and could possibly increase the value of a client’s home. Today's home buyers are interested in smart home features, and installing just a few products can attract those buyers.


What’s Included in the Smart Home Staging Kit?

Nest Thermostat Nest Thermostat The Nest Learning Thermostat learns from you, creates a schedule and is proven to save energy. And now, its ring comes in stainless steel, copper, black and white. Connect your thermostat to Wi‑Fi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.
Nest Protect Nest Protect Nest Protect speaks up if there’s smoke or carbon monoxide and tells you where it is, so you know what to do.
Nest Cam Nest Cam Nest Cam Indoor stands watch 24/7. It can send an alert when it detects activity. It’s quick and easy to install. And it lets you talk back through the Nest app. This is what an indoor security camera should be.
August Lock August Lock The door to today’s home isn’t just about keeping the bad guys out. It’s also about letting the right people in—your family, friends, and even favorite service providers. With the August Smart Home Access System, you are always in control of your front door, no matter where you are, right from your smartphone.
August Connect August Connect Lock and unlock your August Smart Lock from anywhere, right from your iOS or Android smartphone.
Lutron Caseta Lighting Control Lutron Control your lights, shades and temperature from anywhere – whether you’re home or away. Caséta Wireless dimmers and switches install in minutes, work with numerous bulb types – including dimmable LEDs and CFLs, and bring the convenience of a connected home to your fingertips. The kit includes, two remote controls, two wall switches and a smart bridge.

Kits can be ordered here: Contact me for discounted pricing on the Complete Home Staging Kit.